System Integrator : DHIS2 

NetSen Group is a system integrator for different software. Among them, there is the DHIS 2 software wich is the preferred health management information system in 47 countries and 23 organizations across four continents. DHIS 2 helps governments and health organizations to manage their operations more effectively, monitor processes and improve communication.

DHIS 2 is typically used as national health information systems for data management and analysis purposes, for health program monitoring and evaluation, as facility registries and service availability mapping, for logistics management and for mobile tracking of pregnant mothers in rural communities.


DHIS 2 lets you manage aggregate data with a flexible data model which has been field-tested for more than 15 years.

DHIS 2 enables you to collect, manage and analyse transactional, case-based data records.

You can expand the reach of DHIS 2 through a wide range of mobile solutions.

DHIS 2 lets you explore and understand your data through great visualization features.