Our Product 

MedOClock is a health monitoring application. Its ambition is to provide its users with the means to facilitate the follow-up and daily support of a patient by his or her various caregivers, whether they are individuals or institutions. All this will be possible thanks to the centralisation of information on individual spaces and the convergence of users.Netsen Group designed and developed version 2 of the application in order to offer an intuitive and effective solution for coordinating a proactive and supportive community. Our perspective is to ensure the well-being of the caregiver and the person being cared for. Netsen Group is working on the development of a multi-platform application to avoid caregiver burnout and combat isolation.The solution to help decrease :

  • the economic loss due to the physical and psychological stress experienced by the caregiver...
  • health costs for public authorities


To keep track of the different appointments/medication taking

To-do List

To share responsibilities among caregivers


To inform the community around the caregiver
Health record
General Information

Confidentiality and security

For the caregiver to decide who sees what and when

Continuous improvement

Adapted, personalized