Cloud SPC4 CMM

Cloud SPC4 CMM

At NetSen Group we have decided to provide our customers with the best tool to measure and control products quality. The SPC4 Cloud is a major improvement strategy for manufacturers and production managers and it is based on linking CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines) to an SPC system (Statistical Process Control).

CMM is a Coordinate Measuring Machine that helps companies to improve quality assurance and increase inspection capacity. It is a portable 3D measurement technology used to enable considerably greater flexibility and efficiency in performing quality control operations directly on the production floor.

We have decided to develop a tool that uses both CMM and SPC technology. SPC is a methodology that enables you to improve the processes that make your products, which will in turn produce higher quality yields. SPC software systems can automate that methodology, making it easier to reduce scrap and rework, increase productivity and improve quality.

At NetSen Group, we believe that analysing and interpreting information from a database should be efficient and easy, this is why we introduce our brand new software: NetSen Cloud-SPC4CMM. A software that provides industries with a platform with a new architecture, giving more flexibility and possibility for development of new functionalities. Its purpose is to facilitate the organisation and presentation of different quality measurements of products.

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Key Advantages

  • Manage your corrective and preventive actions directly on the tool thanks to the integrated workflow
  • Eliminate all restrictions related to IT infrastructure and to implementation costs thanks to the secure cloud platform of our tool.
  • Gain an overall view of your plant's performance with room-to-room ratios, as well as the overall ratios of all parts.
  •  Take advantage of measurements history in the DB and intuitive graphs to predict the behavior of certain variables and characteristics and anticipate the NC and HC
  • Schedule automatic sending of daily, weekly, monthly reports to QAs and Managers for better communication
  • Enjoy the flexibility of the tool to configure your customers' special settings and control them during production.
  • Identify your non-conforming and out-of-control features in real time and take immediate actions.

How does it work

We have developed this tool in order to reduce nonconformities and improve the overall performance of your company. Here is how it works:

1. Coordinate Measuring Machine

A part is manufactured on the production line by an operator and then brought to the CMM robot which measures the control points of the part in order to check its quality and conformity.

2. Data Processing

The csv file is sent directly from the CMM to our SPC4CMM tool on the Cloud. The application then processes your file and sends all reports to quickly identify a problem.

3. Analyse your results

All nonconformities appear directly from the application as a customizable graphic. Thus, you can manage and control in real time the quality of your products and thus guarantee better results

 4. Manage your non-conformities

The Improver Module of the SPC4CMM can open a non-compliance and help you manage it until resolved. The Predictor Module can predict where defects will potentially occur using Deep Learning algorithms on your historical data.