System integrator



System integrator

To meet your needs, NetSen Group offers you to integrate:

New systems: creation, development and installation.

NetSen offers the development of a system answering completely to your expectations and in line with your business processes.

Famous editors solutions: advice, adaptation and configuration.

We are your contact with the suppliers of already existing tools. We adapt the CRM solutions of big editors to make them correspond the most precisely with your requirements.

Updates on your systems: evaluation, improvement and interconnection.

If you already possess a CRM software, NetSen offers you to improve or to correct some specificities that you might consider unadapted.

Follow-up and Maintenance

To make your investment yield a profit, NetSen offers you a continuous support in the improvement and the maintenance of your system.

How we can help

  • We help you to establish and approach and an action plan in line with the change policies
  • We help you to measure the impacts and to anticipate at best the steps needed to be set up
  • NetSen experts help you to pass of the current situation towards an other one.
  • We help you to manage the resistance to change
  • We help you prevent the risks linked to these changes